“Reconstruction Dances,” by Douglas C. Wadle

“Reconstruction Dances,” by Douglas C. Wadle

  • Source: audio of a talk given by Kristen Smiarowski concerning her series of works, The Key Game Project, as well as rehearsal discussion between Smiarowski and dance artist Rosalynde LeBlanc; sine tones; piano tones from Douglas C. Wadle’s Erasures and Additions 2a; excerpts from Wadle’s soundscore for “Indexical Permutations”.
  • Year: 2014
  • Submitted by: Douglas C. Wadle



Audio for Kristen Smiarowski’s “The Key Game Project, phase 3: Sleep, Staring, Well” a site-adaptive dance theater-event examining the cultural construction of memory, of historical events, referencing Ida Fink’s story, “The Key Game” (and the two previous dance works in the series, “The Key Game” and “Indexical Permutations”). Individual excerpts from the source material (aside from the sine tones) were selected by chance procedures. An I Ching hexagram was generated for each, the number of the hexagram determining each excerpt’s temporal placement in the piece. Each excerpt was divided into 6 parts of equal length and assigned a line (1st segment paired with first line, second segment with second line, etc.) of that excerpt’s hexagram. The line numbers (6, 7, 8, or 9) were then used to determine what should be done with each of the six segments of the excerpt – whether it was to be left as is, left as is but with a sine tone added, erased, or erase and replaced with a sine tone. Frequencies of the sine tones were determined using a random number generator.

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