“Sea Shell Green,” by Kimberly Kim

“Sea Shell Green,” by Kimberly Kim

  • Source: Kimberly Kim
  • Year: 2014
  • Submitted by: Justin Dixon


“Sea Shell Green” was created by musician Kimberly Kim as part of Grand Rounds, a project by Elana Mann in Grand Park, downtown Los Angeles. Grand Rounds was a participatory public artwork incorporating acoustic sculptures and public conversations in Grand Park. On four separate occasions Elana Mann and artist/court administrator Camilo Cruz invited groups of ten participants to gather in Grand Park for informal dialogues. The group was composed of individuals who work for Los Angeles city, county, and court system as well as non-profit organizations. Drop-in audience members were also encouraged to join, listen, and participate. This process allowed the group to investigate the many different voices, ears, and roles both public officials and citizens utilize to invigorate communities in Los Angeles. Afterwards, Mann created acoustic sculptures and collaborated with Kimberly Kim to produce sound artworks inspired by the conversations of the previous month. These sculptures and sound works were then installed in Grand Park for one month. Grand Rounds was produced as part of the Machine Project Field Guide to Grand Park, commissioned by the Music Center.

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