“The sound inside us yet unspoken,” by Sascha Goldhor

“The sound inside us yet unspoken,” by Sascha Goldhor

  • Source: Elana Mann
  • Year: 2011
  • Submitted by: Elana Mann



What is the sound inside you yet unspoken? What does it feel like as this unspoken sound moves through you, leaves your body, and enters the space outside yourself? And when you call someone’s unspoken sound back to her? What is the song that unspoken sounds sing? Is it the same sound? Whose voice? Whose body? dancing together through space. What remains once the unspoken is spoken? And spoken? And spoken? And spoken? – Sascha Goldhor

This is a recording of the People’s Microphony Camerata choir performing “The sound inside us yet unspoken.”

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